Friday, October 16, 2015

Silk Scarves

We've seen a lot of printed silk scarves this season and this trend is continuing for Spring. Scarves are extremely multi-functional and can easily be incorporated in your day-to-day lifestyle. While you can wrap it twice around your neck to elevate your look, or tie it around the strap of your favorite handbag to add an element of personalization, you can also make it your shirt! Take a square scarf with a print of your choice - tie the upper corners around your neck and the bottom corners around your waist - and you just created an amazing open back blouse. But please note: Just make sure to double knot to make it foolproof! 

P.S. Thanks for the trick Hannah =)


Top (Scarf) - Vintage
Pants - H&M

Ph: Dane Hillard Photography

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  1. You really have good fashion sense, loved the colors in scarf. Plazo fashion is everywhere these days. Thanks for sharing such lovely post with us